The first consultation is where you get to tell Your Story in a relaxed, client-led conversation.

As well as the details of the illness or problem, the homeopath is interested in knowing you (or your child) since it is you (or your child) who is being treated, not just a localized or named disease.

There may be questions about the particular characteristics of the complaint.

Dr. Pallavi will also observe and ask questions about the person’s particular characteristics with the complaint – lifestyle, stress factors, emotional issues, sensitivities to foods, weather, and other aspects of the environment; energy levels; medical and family history.

The first visit takes about 1 hour. Subsequent visits are about 30 minutes long.

Dr. Pallavi uses all the information to select a remedy or combinational remedy and provide it during consultation time or a few days later if more time is needed to analyze the case thoroughly.


The first follow-up consultation occurs fortnightly. Follow-up consultations usually take 30 minutes. The purpose of these is to assess the remedy’s action given at the previous consultation and determine the next steps.

Clients are welcome to email between consultations if they have any concerns or questions.

How many follow-up consultations are needed will depend on many things. Some people need very little time to see great results, and others need longer. At the start of the process, follow-ups will be more often but will space further & further apart as we progress.

As a very general guide, we allow one month of homeopathy per year of illness. Thus, the process can take some time, but changes will be taking place at various levels at every step of the way.

Dr. Pallavi wants to see her clients recover from illness as soon as possible.


Please use the tabs to select a service to book.


Is for you if you wish to begin homeopathic treatment.


It is for you if you have had an initial consultation. Follow-ups are essential to assess the response to treatment and determine the next steps.

It is also for you if you are an existing client returning for a new complaint or illness after some time.


It is for you if something has started recently and is not chronic, for example, a viral or bacterial infection, upset stomach, bad reaction to environmental factors, emotional stress (grief, shock, anger, etc.), or injury. Upto 15mins.

A free 15-minute Zoom (or phone) call for you to get to know me and ask questions about homeopathy and what to expect from working with me.
A Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Or you can phone at the appointed time: +64 22 1899 164

Clients living outside of New Zealand can book here.

Initial consultation for first-time clients cost US$170 (or equivalent in your currency)

Follow-consultations cost US$90

A discount of 10% on the total fee is available when two or more family members follow up simultaneously.

Quick consultation for Acute ( which is not chronic) issues US$45

Clients living in New Zealand can book here.

You may choose an online (via Zoom) or in-person consultation (in Auckland Central, Auckland. We will email you the address after the booking).
Initial consultation for first-time clients costs $170.

Follow-consultations cost $90

A discount of 10% on the total fee is available when two or more family members follow up simultaneously.

Quick consultation for Acute (which is not chronic) issues costs $45


36 hours or more notice is required if you wish to cancel. Unfortunately, if you cancel at short notice within 36 hours, the full fee will be charged. We have had to do this to prevent the random no-shows which have occurred in the past and cost us time and money. I hope you understand. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you.

Though very rare, if consumption of any homeopathic remedies causes aggravations of your symptoms, please stop the remedy use and consult your GP.