How to make Ghee at Home?

Now when we know about the amazing health benefits of ghee, the next step is to start eating it on top of your toast or with yummy biryani or just on top of humble dal or whichever way you like itπŸ˜‹. No doubt that ghee is an absolutely essential fat that should be in your kitchen but you definitely can’t compare super markedly bought Ghee to the ‘Homemade” one.As it’s a must for my family to have ghee in our diet, soon I realized that if I can take out around 20 mins a fortnight to make ghee at home, not only I’ll be saving some bucks but also we will be having the best version of ghee the”Homemade version”.
Today I’m sharing with you the step by step process of making Ghee at home so that you can do it too!
Ingredients: Butter – I prefer the unsalted one.(You can also churn butter at home from Milk cream-I’ll post a blog about making butter blog someday soon)
Step 1:

Put butter in a pot on low flame. I have taken a 500gm butter bar.
Step 2: Keep on stirring the melted butter on low flame so that all the water evaorates, stirring it avoids sticking the milk solids to the bottom of the pan.
Step 3:

Now the butter is melted into a translucent liquid which is not yet ghee and the foams are rising to the top. Keep on stirring it for couple of more minutes and then turn off the flame.
Step 4:

Ghee is now ready! Let it cool down and then you can transfer it to a dry container, preferably steel or glass.
Step 5 :

Ghee is now transferred into a dry steel container.As there is no moisture in ghee, it can easily be stored for months in the kitchen pantry away from direct sunlight. Some people like to store it in the fridge which is fine too.
Step 6:

These are the cooked milk solids that are left behind after ghee was transferred to a fresh jar. Some people like to add in some sugar to these and eat it as a sweet dish after food or with a cup of tea.
With around 500 gms of unsalted butter bar, I got around 300 gms of ghee. This quantity may differ depending on the type of butter you are using. So, you too can try making the amazing ghee for home and use it in cooking or apply it on your face as a bedtime antiwrinkle treatment or even massage your hair with warm ghee. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference in just a few weeks. 😊

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