The preferred date may vary upon the doctor’s availability.
The preferred time may vary upon the doctor’s availability.


Wellness Programs: If you are dealing with chronic health problems that have been going on over several months or years, Wellness programs may suit you best,  Contact Dr. Pallavi for Individualized and customized wellness programs to get you best holistic health results, 

You will need fortnightly or monthly Follow up visits for 3–6months. During the course of your treatment, Your progress will be monitored and remedies and potencies may need changing over time. 

Cancellation Policy: 36 hours or more notice is required if you wish to cancel. Unfortunately, if you cancel at short notice within 36 hours, the full fee will be charged. We have had to do this to prevent the random no-shows which have occurred in the past and cost us time and money. I hope you understand. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you.

Though very rare, if consumption of any homeopathic remedies causes aggravations of your symptoms, please stop the remedy use and consult your GP.

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