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8 Wonderful Homeopathic remedies which can help control HAIR FALL!

In my previous blog, I discussed Alopecia or hair fall in detail, the causes, diagnosis, and what supplements can help with managing hairfall.

But do you know, Homeopathy can be of great help in controlling Hairfall and can even promote hair regrowth? I’m listing down Top 8 Homeopathic remedies which can provide great results in treating Alopecia :

1: LYCOPODIUM: This remedy is prepared from a potentized club moss(a fungus). It’s best suited for people who have associated urinary and digestive disturbances with all the complaints. Lycopodium personalities are generally thin, melancholic with failure of the digestive powers where the liver is weakened. Hair becoming gray early and hair fall in lycopodium is generally from Temples & vertex. Hair fall after abdominal disorders, after childbirth with burning, itching, scalding of the scalp especially on getting warm from exercise and during the day. It is also a useful remedy for dandruff and Eczema behind the ears, moist oozing behind the ears.

2 : SILICEA: This remedy is a mineral and is prepared from Silicon Dioxide – found in Flint, quartz & sandstone. It is a deep acting homeopathic medicine that is used to treat symptoms of chronic diseases where there is a lack of physical and emotional strength. It is also an important remedy for suppuration (lachrymal duct swelling, styes, parotid gland swelling, abscess, acne, chronic gonorrhea, etc.)

Silicea is a good remedy for strengthening the hair and decreasing the dryness of hair by nourishing the follicles. Baldness with pain & brittle hair. Premature baldness with hair fall from vertex, occiput, and bregma. Recommended for skin conditions like eczema (also on the scalp) leading to hair fall.

3: FLOURIC ACID: It is prepared from a highly excoriating acid with its action primarily on bones & skin. It is one of the best homeopathic remedies for Alopecia Areata (baldness in patches). Hair is dry, brittle, tangles easily, and breaks off. It helps in regrowth of hair in bald patches. A tendency to Alopecia in families. Irritable & angry people with a buoyant attitude.

4: NATRUM MURATICUM: This homeopathic remedy is made from the common salt. It is suited to the anemic females who have hair fall after childbirth and from nursing. The Natrum Mur personalities are generally melancholic, teary yet do not like consolation. The scalp is dry and produces large amounts of dandruff which can be accompanied by chronic headache. It is also an effective remedy for hormonal problems which results in hair loss. Post childbirth hair loss with itchy scaly scalp mainly because of dandruff especially occiput.

5: PHOSPHORUS: This remedy presents a picture of disturbed metabolism. It is indicated in the yellow atrophy of the liver, sub-acute hepatitis, and fatty degeneration. It is a wonderful remedy for Patchy baldness (Aerata alopecia) with dryness of scalp & hair. Falling out of hair in large bunches leading to frontal & vertex baldness. Hair turns dry and gray.

Phosphorus is indicated in thin, long, slender, narrow chested people who have great susceptibility to external impressions like light, sound, touch, etc.

6: GRAPHITIS: This remedy is best adapted to females who are anemic yet obese, constantly cold, constipated, and subject to rough, herpetic conditions of the skin. Unhealthy skin, every little injury suppurates. Hair loss from the sides, Patchy baldness. Hair-all can be because of itchy, humid eruptions on the scalp which emit fetid odor.

7: MEZEREUM: Hair fall accompanied with Eczema of the scalp. Intolerable itching, eruptions ulcerate and form thick scabs under which purulent matter exudes. Ideal for hair growth and treating skin conditions like psoriasis and rashes. Hair fall and premature graying of the hair.

8: BARYTA CARBONICUM: This homeopathic remedy is prepared from a chemical “barium carbonate”. This compound was used to treat symptoms of tuberculosis and swelling of glands. This remedy is best suited to children and older people who have sluggish physical, cerebral, and emotional growth. Early baldness especially from vertex and mustache. Scalp sensitive touch with aggravation by touch and scratching.