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Managing Pre Menstrual Syndrome Naturally!

What is PMS: PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is a group of mental and physical symptoms that some women might experience a week or two weeks before the onset of periods.The mental symptoms include mood swings, depressive feelings, irritability, etc and the Physical symptoms include Headache, Backache, breast tightness, bloating, constipation or diarrhea and acne. These symptoms may subside after the appearance of periods and sometimes may not… it is all because of the hormonal changes (estrogen-progesterone) female bodies go through every month.
As every female is different, so are the symptoms… but the good news is that these symptoms can get better by managing your diet, lifestyle and taking help from a homeopathic physician. Homeopathy is a branch of natural medicine that believes in treating the patient as a whole with medicine that produces similar symptoms when given to a healthy person.It’s free of any side effects, natural, holistic and studies have already proven homeopathy’s effectiveness in relieving PMS symptoms.
Lifestyle management for any ailment should be a must alongside any medicinal treatment, whether you choose homeopathy or allopathy. PMS is a chronic complaint that definitely needs proper case taking and the right remedy prescription if you want complete relief.

Managing PMS:

Diet :

Have you tried drinking herbal teas (like ginger tea- just boil some crushed or grated ginger in boiling water, add in some honey if you wish to).Ginger is often given to females before and during the menstrual period to not only help in the bleeding but also to deal with other physical and mental symptoms associated with PMS. (A 2014 study was conducted on 92 high school girls proved the benefits of ginger during and before periods).Add healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee to your diet- these both are rich in fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D and K which help in relieving symptoms associated with PMS.Avoid processed and junk food (like processed meat & margarine) as much as possible.

Stress – Feeling depressed and mood swings are the most common mental symptoms associated with PMS in females, some females also suffer from an Anxiety disorder during this period and they actually have to take anti-anxiety medications, which are not recommended for long term use.So, how to deal with stress in females dealing with PMS:

Yoga – just breathing exercises like Pranayama will help calm our body and mind.Meditation – When there is so much going on in life, it’s often difficult to take out time to Meditate… start with just 10 min of meditation in the morning or evening whenever it’s possible and slowly increase the time duration.Walk – A brisk walk of 20 mins in the morning in nature may do wonders to uplift your mood. Remember sunlight is a natural antidepressant!Relaxing tea – Try Ginger, chamomile or dandelion tea during this phase…ginger tea is my favorite and I have been having this one for years with amazing results.
Sleep – yes having a good night’s sleep does wonder for your body, it soothes the mind, relaxes the body and even regulates the hormones.
Supplements – A good diet is crucial for optimal health but sometimes the body needs support from supplements, few top supplements which can definitely help you are :Magnesium(esp for relaxing muscles),vit D(mood up-lifter) & Cod liver oil are one of the best supplements which should be started 10-14 days before menstrual period.
Homeopathic approach to treat PMS:

Homeopathy helps to relieve the mental and physical symptoms associated with PMS in a gentle & natural way without any side effects.Various studies have proven the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in treating people suffering from an Anxiety disorder.
It is recommended to always consult a homeopathic physician rather than self-prescribing these medicines, homeopathic medicines are diluted yet very potent natural medicines which should always be taken under expert guidance.
I’m listing down the best homeopathic medicines on the basis of physical and mental symptoms which have shown excellent results in PMS:
Sepia – It is one of the most commonly prescribed medicine for females with PMS. Females are irritable, indifferent and desire to be alone. Menstrual bleeding is late in onset, painful and suppressed, accompanied by headache before, during and after menses. Desire to set cross-legged as a feeling of bearing down in the pelvis. Feels better by warmth and exercise.
Bryonia Alba– Irritable and easily angered female who prefers to be alone. Breast are painful, swollen and hurt with movement so must be supported. Anxiety about finances and business affairs, headache before menstrual bleeding, worse by heat.
Ignatia – Ignatia is great medicine for treating depression and mood swings during PMS. Females with a sad and depressed mental state before periods, desire to be left alone with the inclination to weep for long.Sensitive, delicate female with a nervous temperament.It’s especially beneficial for treating menstrual irregularities arising because of Grief.
Pulsatilla – Females feel left alone and unloved, cries easily, want sympathy and love. Mild and timid females whose problems are worse during phases of hormonal changes (puberty, periods, pregnancy, menstruation). Periods don’t come on regular time every month, great in treating menstrual irregularities in girls, especially during puberty.
Nux Vomica – This is “The” medicine for females who are aggressive, competitive, hard-working and obsessed with work. Indulgence in alcohol or other sedatives is common.Bleeding in Nux vomica is profuse, early and lasts long accompanied by cramps extending to the whole body and better by rest.
Belladonna– Throbbing pain in pelvis especially on the right side during periods with profuse red, gushing bleeding. Pains worse by even slightest motion.Belladonna is characterized by a sudden onset in most of the complaints with increased irritability during menstrual periods.
There are some other wonderful homeopathic medicines like Calc Carb, Lachesis, and lycopodium which can help to treat the symptoms of PMS.
Please do consult your homeopathic physician for proper case taking and prescription to get help in physical and mental symptoms accompanied by the PMS. Avoid self prescribing.